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Y8S (ABE) Distance Conqueror Electric Scooter

€784,00 €899,00

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Maximum speed 20km/h. Specially developed for German customers and complies with German road traffic regulations.

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1 x Assembled Electric Scooter
4 x Screws
1 x Hexagon Wrench
1 x Charging Adapter
1 x User Manual
1 x Legal Statement
1 x Quick Start Guide
1 x Warranty Card


2 year warranty | warranty policy 

15-day return policy | Return Policy

Lifetime Customer Service Support.

  • 500W


  • 48V 26Ah


  • 20 km/h


  • 90-110 km


  • 20°

    Climb Angle

  • 120 KG

    Max Load

Y8s electric scooter

Super long battery life, Unlimited exploration

Road Permit Certification

This model has been certified by the German Federal Motor Vehicle Administration (ABE) and can be legally driven on the road.

1248WH Battery

Whether it's urban commuting or long-distance travel, Y8S can bring you long-lasting power support and easily cover longer distances on a single charge


Range up to 110km

Y8S electric scooter is equipped with a powerful 48V 26Ah battery, Y8s is your reliable partner to explore endless possibilities


Smart BMS

The intelligent battery management system protects the battery during operation and extends battery life.

500W Brushless Motor

Powered by a 500W gearless brushless DC motor, Y8s glides through city streets or conquers rocky trails with ease. This scooter is more than just a means of transportation


500W Peak Power

500W power allows the top speed up to 35km/h,It also gives y8s the ability to accelerate quickly.


20°Climb Angle

The strong kinetic energy and alloy body of y8s help you easily climb a 20° slope

Be Safe, Be Seen

Y8S’s shock absorbers and front and rear disc brakes are designed for reliability and effectiveness.The 360° lighting system also ensures your safety at night


Suspension Structure

The excellent front and rear shock absorbers provide maximum rider comfort.


Dual disc brakes

It is equipped with a disc brake and eABS Regenerative Anti-Lock System for an effective, sensitive braking distance of just 4 meters.

360° LED Lighting System

360-Degree Visibility: front, rear and side lights help you stand out and stay visible. Enjoy a safe ride even in low light conditions

Easy to Fold & Carry

Easy to fold and portable, You can carry it on public transportation or store it in your car to get anywhere you want to go. Weighing just 24 kg, the Y8-S is easy to carry and easy to maneuver upstairs and sidewalks.


  • Round monitor and Finger Throttle

    The electric scooter comes with a round LCD meter, which shows the speed, speed mode, battery life, lighting and etc.Gently press down on the throttle and adjust the pressure until you reach the speed you want.

  • Execellent Riding Experience

    Large 10-inch tires at the front and rear have excellent shock absorption and anti-skid treads. Combined with a 500W brushless DC motor for stable power output, the Y8-S gives you a smoother ride.

  • Aviation grade aluminum frame

    The solid frame is made of aviation aluminum, which has a low density and high structural strength. It also has excellent thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance for increased durability.

  • Anti-skid pedal

    The pedal is designed with anti-skid to improve the safety of the scooter when driving at high speed.

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Since 2014, our team has been engaged in the design, manufacturing and sales of electric scooters and electric bicycles. We have always been committed to creating a good mobile travel experience. Our team can provide you with first-class pre-sales guidance and after-sales service

Product Detail


What are the differences between y6s/y8s?

In short, they are equipped with motors of different powers and batteries of different capacities.You can check out the product comparison below for more information

Where is this item shipped from?

Ships from a European warehouse (currently located in Poland) so we can deliver to you within a week.
If you are located in the United States, ships from a warehouse in California

Are the electric scooters sold by TODIMART legal?

In most places, you can ride an e-scooter on paths, trails, and streets with bike lanes. You don't need a license, registration or insurance, but the sidewalks are closed to traffic.
It should be noted that users located in Germany must purchase a scooter that has been carefully approved by the Federal Transport Administration in order to be legally driven on the road.

I am not a German user, can I buy this e-scooter?

You can also buy this e-scooter as long as you are located in Europe and within our market range

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Y8S (ABE) Distance Conqueror Electric Scooter

€784,00 €899,00


JOYOR Escooter Y with a maximum range of 40-110 km, 48V 13/18/26 AH electric scooter with 500W brushless motor and a maximum load capacity of 120 kg
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