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Return & Refund Policy

For any product you purchase, you do not need to bear any fees if you cancel the order before delivery. If you need to cancel, please contact us and we will refund the money to your account within two working days.

🛴Electric Scooter Return Policy:


1. Return Conditions

1.1. Proof of Purchase: Customers need to provide a valid proof of purchase (invoice or order confirmation email) for return.
1.2. Return Period: Electric scooters must be returned within 15 days of purchase. Return applications beyond the deadline will not be accepted.
1.3. Product Status: The returned electric scooters must be in original condition, not obviously used, and all original accessories, packaging and instructions must be intact.
1.4. Quality Issues: If our products cannot be used normally due to quality or transportation problems, you can choose to return or repair them free of charge.

2. Situations where returns are not allowed

2.1. Traces of use: The product has obvious traces of use or damage, which affects secondary sales.
2.2. Missing accessories: The returned product lacks original accessories, instructions, packaging, etc.
2.3. Customized products: Any products customized according to customer needs are not accepted for return.
2.4. Man-made damage: Products damaged due to improper use by customers are not accepted for return.

3. Return process

3.1. Apply for return: Customers need to apply for return through the official website, customer service hotline or email, and provide proof of purchase and reason for return.
3.2. Review: Customer service will review the return application within 2 working days and notify the customer of the review result of the return application by email or phone.
3.3. Return shipping: For returns without quality issues, the shipping cost shall be borne by the customer. For returns with quality issues, the shipping cost shall be borne by the company.
3.4. Return delivery: After the review is passed, the customer needs to send the electric scooter together with all accessories to the designated address and provide the express delivery number.

4. Quality problem handling

4.1. During the warranty period: If the electric scooter has non-man-made quality problems during the warranty period, we will provide you with free repair services. For more information, please refer to our warranty policy.
4.2. Out of warranty period: If problems occur outside the warranty period, the customer shall bear the repair costs.

⚙Parts Return Policy:

1. For purchased parts, returns are not accepted unless there is a quality problem or the package is lost.
2. If the accessory is under warranty, it will be stated in the description of the product page.
3. If you encounter a problem, please consult us

🚲E-Bike Return Policy: 

Please see here


The company will inspect the returned goods within 5 working days after receiving them. After qualified inspection, the refund will be returned to the customer's payment account within 7 working days.

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