The performance of your favorite scooter has been upgraded


The performance of your favorite scooter has been upgraded - TODIMART

For the new E202, we have increased the power of the controller to allow the battery to have more power output. At the same time, the motor power is improved in all aspects. The original 350w motor has now been upgraded to 600w, and the speed has increased from the original 30-35km/h to 40-45km/h. The battery life can also be maintained at more than 20km.
The 1000w scooter that is sought after by everyone, the controller power is increased, and the motor quick freezing is increased from the original 40km/h to 55km/h. It really makes you experience the feeling of flying.



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#18mm S Series Scooter Wrench for JOYOR S5 S8S S10S ect.

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