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3 steps to repair your scooter and bike

When your scooter/bike breaks down, follow these steps to repair it

Step 1

Describe the cause and components of the failure in detail. Then take pictures or videos if possible

Step 2

Please contact us via WhatsApp and describe the problem you are encountering to us. (If you are unable to use WhatsApp, please contact us via email)

Step 3

We will mail you the tools or parts for repair, and then record a repair video for you. You need to follow the steps in the video to repair (if your product is within the warranty period, the tools/parts are free)

If necessary, you can send your scooter to our factory for repair (you may need to wait about 2 weeks)


Our after sales support experts provide you with scooter and bike usage and repair tutorials which you can watch on Youtube
If you encounter any problems, please contact us and we will provide you with repair services