Range is both an enduro race rig and the ideal backcountry accomplice perfect for exploring shale covered slopes and remote mountain ranges. The all mountain–tuned A.R. suspension system helps the bike climb to objectives with impressive efficiency.

An 83-year-old handsome man shared his riding experience

Post by  dutian Mar 25, 2022
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For most Orientals, the GW20's tall frame, paired with 20-inch fat tires, gives people the feeling of conquering a beast. This is a GW20 men's bike we sold to Germany. What I didn't expect was that this bike looked so docile under the old German...

It's expensive, but it's cool

Post by  dutian Mar 07, 2022

The QS 2000-watt brushless motor is tailored for the M8, reaching speeds of over 37 MPH with this high-powered motor. Equipped with 3-level throttle and sturdy aluminum alloy wheels, M8 provides amazing drive capability. Most notably, M8 comes with a 30 Ah NCM battery pack...

The performance of your favorite scooter has been upgraded

Post by  dutian Mar 07, 2022

For the new E202, we have increased the power of the controller to allow the battery to have more power output. At the same time, the motor power is improved in all aspects. The original 350w motor has now been upgraded to 600w, and the...