X3 Scooter Tail Light
$48.00 $60.00
Suitable for X3 Scooter
Brake disc
Brake calipers 2pc
Bike Basket
E-bike controller
Lithium battery for scooter
--------------------RESPECTIVE PARAMETERS-------------------- 36V Battery model: 36-20 Battery life:50km Bicycle working current: 8A Maximum battery discharge current: 15A Nominal battery voltage: 36v Battery voltage loss: 29v Full charged voltage: 42v 48V Battery model: 48-20 Battery life: 65km Bicycle working current: 10A Maximum battery discharge current: 17A Nominal battery voltage: 48v Battery voltage loss: 39v Full charged voltage: 54.6v --------------------COMMON PARAMETERS--------------------  Battery capacity: 20Ah Cell specifications: 18650 Cell capacity: 2500mA Battery charging current: ≤3A Charging current of the standard charger with the bike: 1.5A Battery charging time(by 1.5A): 12h Battery charging time(by 2.0A): 10h Battery charging time(by 1.5A X 2): 6h Battery charging time(by 2.0A X 2): 5h ( No good for battery) Recharge times: 1200 times Life: 4 years (Customers who bought our products 4 years ago and they had given us feedback) --------------------WARRANTY RULES-------------------- 6 months warranty for normal use (repair or replacement) The battery is soaked without warranty; The battery is overcharged without...
scooter motor core 36v350w/48v500w
bike Throttle
PT26 bike battery
36v 10Ah
Bicycle frame
front fender
Spinning bike belt
Suitable for ShuoQi spinning bikes
Brake lever
a pair of brake lever and steel cable
Seat shock Pole
Battery case
This link only sells the battery case, not the battery. Please buy carefully.In addition, there are many types of battery housings. Please choose carefully. thanks
RX20 Battery
E-biek motor
Suitable for the following products  
Derailleur hanger
Brakes Disc
The diameter of the front brake disc of some bicycles is 160mm, and the diameter of the rear brake disc is 140mm. The diameter of the front brake disc of some bicycles is 160mm, and the diameter of the rear brake disc is also 160mm. Before buying, please know what you need for your bicycle. The diameter of the brake disc of the scooter is 140mm, the front and rear are the same.
Bike tire inner liner
Brand: ZTTO Unit price for 2 piecesProduct Name: Snowmobile Lining BeltSpecification: 20 inchesMaterial: NylonWeight: 20 inches * 65MM 46 gramsFeatures: Strong wear resistance and anti-wrinkle toughness, used between the steel ring and the inner tube to prevent the banner from piercing the inner tube. It can make the tire pressure higher, the tire resistance is smaller, and the tire blowout can be prevented more effectively.
Headset / bearing
LOGO sticker
hydraulische front fork
E-bike Tire & tube 20*4.25 in
2Pc wide tire mountain bike tire 20*4.0 / 20*4.25 inch we looked at our fattest off-road tires - motorcycle. Inspired by the championship-winning Millville 2 tire for grip in any environment and featuring multiple sizes with tread heights optimized for maximum performance. Is there more we need to say? Large casing for better flotation in snow Front and Rear application
E202 electric scooter rear fork
Meter & Controller
seatpost with suspension
Bicycle and scooter Seatpost with suspension and foldable    
Throttle for TODIMART electric scooter model G8 / G9
Display for TODIMART electric scooter model G8 / G9