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Atsgke Keyboard Stand


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Atsgke Keyboard Stand Double X-Style,Keyboard Piano Stand with Locking Straps,Keyboard Stand Adjustable Width & Height for 54-88 Keys

About this item

  • Secure Locking Straps& Non-Slip Caps: Never worry about your keyboard slipping or sliding during your musical endeavors. The non-slip end cap on the top of the stand prevents the keyboard from moving from side to side during use, and a non-slip end cap on the bottom ensures that the keyboard remains stable on almost any surface.
  • 7 Position Disk:This keyboard dual stand has a 5-position disk clutch with a bullet-nose pull knob that makes for quick, simple height adjustment while arm sleeves position to accommodate virtually any keyboard width for keyboards ranging from 54 to 88 keys.
  • Adjustable Height:Can set the height at any level between 25 to 39.2 inches.This keyboard stand boasts adjustable height and width, accommodating players of all ages and sizes. Whether you're sitting or standing, you can tailor the stand to suit your preferences, promoting better posture and comfort.
  • Durable & Reliable: Crafted from heavy duty metal materials, this keyboard stand is engineered to withstand the rigors of regular use. The sturdy metal construction guarantees longevity, making it a reliable partner for rehearsals, gigs, and studio session.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Whether you have a digital piano, electronic keyboard, or MIDI controller, our adjustable X-style keyboardstand is designed to accommodate various keyboard types and brands. Its versatile compatibility ensures it's a perfect fit for your musical instrument, no matter the size or model.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Easy Hight Adjustment

Assembly was very easy and my Casiotone 7000 is supported very stable.


Very sturdy product. It was perfect for the keyboard I bought.

Sturdy stand for larger sized keyboards.

The assembly of the stand was a little frustrating. You need to make sure you have the legs in the correct orientation, and each one needs to be on a specific side of each other. The manual didnt do a great job of illustrating this, and I had to reassemble it a couple times until I figured it out. Despite this, it's a great stand that doesn't wobble and comes with a fastner that can connect to some keyboards to secure them to the stand. Works great live, you would really need some force to get it to fall over.

I originally got this because I plan to buy an 88-key weighted MIDI controller, but in the meantime, Ive been able to use this with my smaller 3 octave Minilogue XD synthesizer at band practice if I prop it up to the highest level. This is significantly smaller than the minimum 55 key size this stand is rated for, but until I can buy another smaller stand this works. Granted, it is much less stable this high up and barely resting on the stand, but in a pinch it is possible your under-55 key sized keyboard will fit.

Sturdy and Adjustable, Despite Instruction Hiccups

I recently purchased the Atsgke Keyboard Stand Double X-Style, and overall, I'm pleased with its durability and sturdiness. The construction materials are robust, and the adjustable width and height make it versatile for various keyboards.

However, my experience was tainted by the inaccurate instruction manual and diagrams provided. Many users, including myself, found them misleading. Despite this setback, once I deviated from the provided instructions and assembled it based on my own intuition, the stand fit together perfectly.

The stand's double X-style design adds an extra layer of stability, surpassing single X-style alternatives. The ease of adjusting the height is a standout feature, allowing for a comfortable playing experience. Additionally, the stand's ability to fold effortlessly for space-saving storage is a practical bonus.

In conclusion, the Atsgke Keyboard Stand is a worthwhile investment, offering durability, sturdiness, and convenient adjustability. Just be prepared to trust your instincts during assembly due to the somewhat misleading instructions.

Atsgke Keyboard Stand - TODIMART

Atsgke Keyboard Stand


Atsgke Keyboard Stand Double X-Style,Keyboard Piano Stand with Locking Straps,Keyboard Stand Adjustable Width & Height for 54-88 Keys

About this item


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