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S5 ABE Urban Commuting Electric Scooter(Used)

€330,00 €648,00

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Specially developed for German customers and complies with German road traffic regulations.

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  • 500w


  • 48V 13.5Ah


  • 20 km/h


  • 50km


  • 20°

    Climb Angle

  • 264 Ibs

    Max Load


Mit Straßenzulassung

Der E-Scooter JOYOR S5 hat vom Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt eine Allgemeine Betriebserlaubnis (ABE) erhalten. Der Elektroroller JOYOR S5 ist daher in Deutschland für den Straßenverkehr (Straßen und Radwege) zugelassen. Der Elektroroller ist nicht nur in Deutschland gesetzlich zugelassen, sondern kann auch in den meisten europäischen Ländern wie der Schweiz oder Österreich legal genutzt werden.

Leistungsstarker Motor und lange Batterielebensdauer

Der Elektro-E-Scooter S5 verfügt über einen leistungsstarken bürstenlosen Motor, der dem E-Scooter eine schnellere Beschleunigung und Steigfähigkeit verleiht und einen maximalen Steigungswinkel von 25 % erreichen kann. Die 48V 13Ah Batterie mit hoher Kapazität kann eine Reichweite von 40-55 km und eine maximale Belastung von 150 kg erreichen.

Hohe Leistung und Sicherheit

Der Elektroroller S5 ist mit einem mechanischen Bremssystem vorne und hinten ausgestattet, das die Bremsen empfindlicher macht und die Sicherheit beim Fahren verbessert. Hervorragende Stoßdämpfer vorne und hinten sorgen für maximalen Fahrkomfort. Die Pedale sind rutschfest, was die Sicherheit des Rollers beim Fahren mit hoher Geschwindigkeit oder im Gelände verbessert.

Faltbar und tragbar

E Scooter

Einfach zu falten und tragbar. Die Größe des E-Scooters für Erwachsene nach dem Zusammenklappen beträgt 1150 * 610 * 525 cm. Das Gewicht des Elektrorollers beträgt 22,1 kg. Sie können ihn problemlos in öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln transportieren, in Ihrem Auto und an jedem beliebigen Ort aufbewahren. Der Elektro-E-Scooter S5 kann Ihr perfektes Pendel-Transportmittel zur Schule, zur Arbeit oder für kurze Fahrten sein.


Altersklasse : Erwachsene
Bremsentyp : Zwei mechanische Scheibenbremsen
Stil : S5-ABE
Materialtyp : Aluminium
Eigenschaften : Rutschfest,Tragbar
AufhÃngung : Vollfederung
ReifengröBe : 10 Zoll
enthaltene Komponenten : Anleitung,Ladegerät, Elektroroller, Installationswerkzeug
Maximale Tragkraft : 150 Kilogramm
Modellnummer : S5-1
Produktabmessungen : 121.5 x 61 x 123 cm;23 Kilogramm

S series electric scooter

Built for all-terrain and versatility

Road Permit Certification

This model has been certified by the German Federal Motor Vehicle Administration (ABE) and can be legally driven on the road.

500W Powerful Motor

S5 electric scooter features a powerful brushless 500W motor brings faster acceleration and climbing ability


500W Peak Power

Allows you to easily drive on a variety of terrains, with a maximum speed of up to 20km/h


20°Climb Angle

The 600W motor allows the S5 to easily climb slopes and hills with an angle of 20 degrees.

624WH Battery

High capacity 48V 13 AH rechargeable battery provides a long range of 34 miles(55km) under certain conditions, with a maximum load of 265 lbs.You can enjoy the freedom of riding long distances


Multi-array lithium-ion

Provides a cruising range of 40-55 kilometers. Whether it is daily commuting or leisure travel, S5 is the best choice



The intelligent battery management system protects the battery during operation and extends battery life.

Patented Rubber Suspension

S Series using our own patented Rubber Suspension,Provides you with excellent shock absorption for a smoother ride


Suitable for all terrains

The excellent front and rear shock absorbers provide maximum rider comfort.


Great Brake Disc

S5 electric scooter equipped with disk brake system makes the brakes respond more quickly.

Folds easily

Easy to fold and portable, the size of adult electric scooter after folding is 44" * 24" * 21". The weight of electric scooter is 48.7 lbs. You can carry it on public transportation or store it in your car to get anywhere you want to go.


  • Smart Display ->

    The electric scooter comes with a smart LCD meter, which shows the speed, speed mode, battery life, lighting and etc

  • Execellent Riding Experience

    S5 equipped with wider 10in pneumatic tires, and deeper lines provide perfect anti-seismic and anti-slip performance, it can keep a good riding experience in uneven road conditions

  • Comforable Handlebar

    Made of high-strength aluminum alloy, making it easier for you to control the body while driving.

  • Anti-skid pedal

    The pedal is designed with anti-skid to improve the safety of the scooter when driving at high speed.

LED Lighting System

360-Degree Visibility: front, rear and side lights help you stand out and stay visible. Enjoy a safe ride even in low light conditions

Todimart, your trusted e-scooter and e-bike expert

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What are the differences between S10S/S5/S8?

In short, they are equipped with motors of different powers and batteries of different capacities.You can check out the product comparison below for more information

Where is this item shipped from?

Ships from a European warehouse (currently located in Poland) so we can deliver to you within a week.
If you are located in the United States, ships from a warehouse in California

Are the electric scooters sold by TODIMART legal?

In most places, you can ride an e-scooter on paths, trails, and streets with bike lanes. You don't need a license, registration or insurance, but the sidewalks are closed to traffic.
It should be noted that users located in Germany must purchase a scooter that has been carefully approved by the Federal Transport Administration in order to be legally driven on the road.

I am not a German user, can I buy this e-scooter?

You can also buy this e-scooter as long as you are located in Europe and within our market range

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1000 W x 2
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65 km/h
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60V 18Ah
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48V 13Ah
70-85 KM
70-85 km
40-55 km

S5 ABE Urban Commuting Electric Scooter(Used)

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Start your journey. The S5 electric scooter is lightweight and highly efficient, perfectly fitting modern lifestyles.


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